dub Snakkr

IrieSnakrProne to late night donut and dub sessions, Snakkr has been workin the wheels of steel at monthlies and one-offs in the SF Bay Area for the past decade after a transplant from the East coast. He’s been a crafter of beats on various electronic doo-dahs and makeshift drumsets since he was a wee lil snakkr and continues to spread the tastiest riddims he can. His sets tend to weave a selection of styles from dub-step, dancehall, roots to cumbia, reggaeton, bhangra, hiphop and more.

Since 2010, Snakkr has been producing projects with local artists in Guinea Conakry. Currently, he’s on a Mid-East beats mission in Beirut, Lebanon where he’s been serving delectables to the dub-step and hip hop scenes.

For mixes and tunes check him out here:

and at: http://www.myspace.com/dubsnakr.

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