Sound Room

So the “Strong” “Hold” sound room is underway. The idea began from the very practical need for a sound isolation room for rehearsing and recording music for the studio. Due to space requirements and a bit of inventiveness, what we built is a room with a wall whose form is based on the characteristics of a soundwave. “What soundwave?” you ask, “Strong-hold” of course. The resultant form creates a space for 2-3 people to sit comfortably and either perform or listen. The shape of the alcoves produced resonate certain frequencies, which we have begun taking note of, and we can’t wait to explore how this will effect various performances. Below you can see progress shots of the construction process. Check back soon for audio samples recorded inside the soundwave.

CNC routed studs in place, tho needing some adjustments.

Lateral bracing on interior.

Studs with lateral bracing and acoustic insulation.

Lathe covered exterior shell.

Cement shell in progress.

First coat applied.

Applying soundwave veneer.

Plaster lathe on interior shell.

Plaster base coat on interior.

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