Audio Refuge

Compilation CD Release

The ‘Hold is proud to present it’s first official release, Audio Refuge: a compilation of original afro-beat, north-african, dancehall, hip hop, dub-step, cumbia and more, including tracks from some truly talented Bay Area artists with roots around the globe. On Thursday, Dec. 2nd @ the Blue Macaw, Stronghold Sound will be featuring performances by some of these artists including: Wontanara, The Dunes, Yassir Chadly, Excentrik, Iggy Mon, Bongo, with djs Juan Data and dub Snakkr on the decks.

Artists on the compilation:

Black Nature
Bongo Sidibe
dub Snakkr
The Dunes
Iamani I Ameni
Iggy Mon
Juan Data
Halal Kutz
Karamo Susso
Nils Butman
Tim Abdelah Fuson
XBorder Players
Yassir Chadly

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