Sekou Balandougou

Born in the village of Balandougou in Guinea, West Africa, Sekou Keita has been steeped in the Manding musical tradition since childhood. During a visit by master drummer, Mamady Keita, Sekou was invited to join Mamady’s school in Conakry where musicians from around the world have learned the tradition of djembe percussion. Sekou, then a young boy, joined Mammady’s school and became one of the central performers there and was soon bestowed with the name of Mammady and Sekou’s home village, Balandougou.

Sekou is not only a talented percussionist, charismatic singer and skilled musical director but he is also a remarkable individual. His love of the folk traditions of the Manding people is evident by the joy he shows in performing and teaching the music. It is a pleasure to hear and be a part of the music he shares.

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