(Jana Jana – Abu Jaafar) جنة جنة – ابو جعفر

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‘Jana Jana…Ya Watana’ – (Heaven, heaven…our nation) Is sung by ‘Abu Jaafar’ of Homs and is a cry to all those that remain quiet while crimes are being committed in the name of political alliances, security and pride. It is both woeful and beautiful and moved us to produce it with accompanying music, though the words need nothing more to make their point. The song was taken from a youtube video recorded in Syria (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcbXZsQpf30&feature=related). I dedicate this version to the late Ibrahim Ashoush who’s voice cannot be silenced. We hope that those with an ear will listen and at the least make their voice heard when needed.

5 Responses to “(Jana Jana – Abu Jaafar) جنة جنة – ابو جعفر”

  1. Adriana says:

    thanks for share!

  2. Andrés Abella says:

    I may not understand the lyrics, but I can feel the despair. Keep up the hope, for the cry for justice –on this end at least– will keep on ringing long and loud.

  3. ARK says:

    now, the second time I hear the click(continuous -from beginning to end of song) plus now I hear a deeper more spaced thud every 3 to 4 clicks .
    this makes it more absorbing
    Good job

  4. Anna says:

    This joker won’t be acquiring an additional 4 decades, I hope.

  5. The Red Cross are arriving in Homs, latest trouble spot in war-torn Syria, bringing aid, the headlines have it. Before that, the Red Cross and their unique brand of bravery were in Libya, before that, Iraq. Here’s to them, long may they have the courage to offer help and the promise of life in the ugliest deadliest places the world has to offer.