Khat Thaleth : Third Line

“Khat Thaleth is here to show you that what we now call ‘Arab-Hip-hop’ is simply an evolution of Arab poetry. A creative flow of lyrics alongside electronic beats: Arab poetry 2012 style.”
– the moe ali Beirut vibes

“…no lyrical holds are barred, no issues left politely untouched, and no beats missed…For all its urgency, brazen words and imperative beats, this is thoughtful music, and a thoughtfully put together compilation. The tracks are full of ideas, contentions, anger and sadness.
– Now Lebanon

“The ‘Khat Thaleth’ gig spotlighted a scene united across borders in which the evolution from the early copy cat of American hip hop is loud and clear – especially, in tying in the rich poetic tradition of the Arab world with something bitingly relevant and contemporary.”
– Natalie Shooter

“But there are some aspects of rap which parallel oral traditions in the Middle East – from the 1,000-year old Levantine tradition of Zajal, semi-sung, semi-spoken poetry battles akin to modern day rap battles, to the revered oral story-telling tradition of the Hakawati.”

Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Roots & Revisits from Guinea Conakry

“The latest Stronghold Sound compilation, Sembeh Ma Fa Fe, offers a bevy of sounds that thrill and amaze and come straight out of West Africa with passion, heart, and soul. The San Francisco based musical collective traveled to Guinea Conakry to record music in what was once the Mandeng Empire and to find Mandeng roots music and then revisit sounds from Guinea Conakry.”
– Pop! Stereo

Bondi Blaster: Lo Juimo

“What would happen if you get one of the most wicked Latino Djs living in the US, and give him a bunch of talented producers, to remix his creations?”
– Tropical Bass

“The result is a party-like atmosphere that is void of sleepy, folk tunes. Instead, Bondi Blaster knows how to entice a danceable spirit and youthful exuberance in the listener with foot-stomping and hip-shaking rhythms and melodies.(…) Anyone interested in South American cumbia, hip-hop, rap, dance, electronica, and funky, good music will find satisfaction in Bondi Blaster’s latest hit, Lo’ Juimo!”
– Matthew Forss – Inside World Music

Audio Refuge Compilation

“…there is a groove on this Stronghold Sound release running from Morocco to Medellin that recommends it to your ears.”
– muzikifan

“Encompassing a wide variety of sounds including traditional African and Arab folk, reggae and dub-step, hip-hop and new cumbia, the SF-based Stronghold Sound presents its first in a line of releases, The Audio Refuge Compilation. Each track is both experiment and firm step in a direction that this group of global artists is putting forth to lovers of tradition and the dance floor.”
– Generation Bass

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